Monday, October 5, 2009

Some updates here...

Just to let you know (if you don't yet)because of the amazing quantity of cards that are being sent in to Cards For Kate, Jennifer McGuire (she is so creative...) decided to add another child - ERIC - to the card drive, which I found great...both children are such sweet kids!
To know more about this heartwarming card drive - visit:

And also I'm so happy to say I'll be going to the Close to My Heart Portland Regionals Celebration in November!!
I already got my to-do list for the 2 swaps groups I've joined - 2 pages layout and cards plus THE CARD and the scrapbook layout (two-pages spread) for the event contests.
As I received the featured colors and guidelines by Tuesday only, I've decided about my layouts and card sketches and the selected supplies last JUST need to cut ALL the papers and "dive" into the creative process until the end of the month. I'm very excited about this event.

By the experience of some fellow consultants, sounds like will be lots of creative inputs much fun!

I also just finished the Scripture Swaps I've joined with the BB ladies as well the cards for both Kate and Eric...( I had some delays in the last one to have all in one pack) and just waiting to be wrapped and shipped out...!


As for the pictures (both SWAPs, cards and layouts, AND the card kits I mentioned in another post) - I'll keep my words in posting them here by this weekend or so. Just need to get all organized by then...!

For now, the image you see here is the card I made and posted here before, just in the top view and also, the stamp set ( C1301 - Thing of Beauty) I used to create it.

Happy creating(a card? a scrapbook page?....think about it!)

Lya - craftologista

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