Friday, October 30, 2009

Sharing a story

Hello everyone!
As consultant I receive periodically, from our corporate office, emails with news, updates, and also stories from real people - either consultants or customers out there, mostly are remarkable as they share their experiences or ideas. And this one you'll see is just one of what I like to's what SCRAPBOOKING is all about:

Memory Protectors® Helped Scrapbook Survive Fire

“I am a long time customer of Close To My Heart and had many scrapbooks done, including one for each of my daughters. We lost our home to a fire last year. Both of the girls' scrapbooks were on my kitchen table and we thought they were a total loss.

“Two days after the fire, we were rummaging through the ashes to look for some valuable jewelry and a friend came upon the scrapbooks. The table they were on was totally gone, as were most of the rest of our belongings, and both scrapbooks were badly burned but still fairly intact on the outside. We took them both out of the house and started looking at them and were super surprised to see that many of the photos were salvageable!

“However it happened, the Memory Protectors® sealed together and preserved most of the pages. We lost photos from the edges of some of the pages because of burning, and lost some to moisture from the water and chemicals used to try to put out the fire. But we were able to salvage an incredible amount out of those books. Both the albums and Memory Protectors were from Close To My Heart.”

“We just wanted to let you know how well your products did in such an extreme situation and that we have told all of our fellow scrapbookers about our ordeal.”
Kylie Mortensen, Customer, Trego, WI

Well, thank you Kylie for sharing your story and I do wish you can soon restore and create more amazing scrapbooks for all your family!

Have a great weekend!

Lya - craftologista

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