Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Good Afternoon!

Because this is the first post of the other "segment" of the blog that I'll call as CARDS TALK - where I'll share some of the techniques or tips I've got by making my cards - I also want to share something behind my stamping and card making background, how they came out to my crafting life.
I've always been attached to all things crafty - my mom used to say that I need to choose ONE type and dedicate to just that, like herself for knitting - she is a great knitter , by the way - but I never followed her advice as well.
Today I can return to my past years and see how many things I had my "hands-on" and are still there waiting to be continuously improved, technical and "emotionally" speaking. Watercolors, Oil paintings, Drawings, knitting, crochetting and then other artsy things like playing some musical instrument (piano, flute, violin, guitar).
What can I say...just love these!!
However, by the time of my college years, I ended up choosing to graduate in the health care provider field. Which is very rewarded itself as I could help and learn so much from. BUT I have to say... it's EXTREMELY STRESSFUL.

After I became wife and mom, I turned myself to the side of ME that needed to speak up. My "craft"ologist side. Then now I'm no longer working outside as a health care people but as a simple person who just want to create something I can consider MY ART, just with stuff I find in our every day life, and of course, playing along with my kid through what I like to call CREATIVITY.

Now, back to my cards. I love butterflies (or flutter-bies as my little one would say). And I wanted to start this CARDS TALK by showing these 2 cards I made with a stamp set and the paper packet (just butterflies, not the sentiments ) that are not found in the current catalog of Close To My Heart, but it's still up to purchase while supplies last.
Let me know if you'd like it. These are that I like to keep because it's naturally and simply beautiful by itself.

Thanks for stopping by.


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